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With Gratitude for the New Dorothy and Sheldon Elliott Endowed Scholarship

Phillips University Legacy Foundation is excited to announce the creation of the Dorothy and Sheldon Elliott Scholarship by their daughter, Linda Elliott.

This scholarship will be a fully funded permanent endowment created to support the ongoing mission of the foundation and the legacy of Phillips University.

Linda established this endowed fund in memory of her parents who met and graduated from Phillips University in 1948. Sheldon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Chemistry. Dorothy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education. They were very involved in campus life – he a Gridiron Guy and she a Zonta Maiden. They were married for 60 years.

In 1988, Sheldon joined the Board of Trustees of Phillips University, was elected Chairman of the Board of Phillips University in 1992, and was appointed Chancellor in 1994. For his services to Phillips University, he received a Distinguished Service Award, a Distinguished Alumnus Award, and the honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. He continued to serve on the Board of Directors of the Phillips University Legacy Foundation.

When Linda was asked what prompted her to create this scholarship, she responded, “Our family has always had a high regard for the benefits of a quality education, so it seemed natural that I should use some of my inherited wealth to support education and to honor my parents’ service to Phillips University by funding a scholarship with PULF.”

The foundation is grateful for this generous gift which will provide much needed scholarship assistance to students who choose to attend colleges and universities reminiscent of Phillips University.

The mission of Phillips University Legacy Foundation is to develop leaders who will transform the world. This is accomplished by providing much-needed scholarship assistance and leadership development opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students attending colleges and universities similar to Phillips University.

For more information about creating a named endowment or making a planned gift, please contact J. Gottman at (580) 237-4433 or giving@pulf.org.