Everyday, we celebrate the transformative power of leadership, scholarship, legacy and service through the stories of our program alumni. Discover how these remarkable individuals have leveraged their education and experiences in the legacy scholar program to make meaningful impacts in their respective fields and communities. Join us in celebrating the ripple effects of investment in education as we highlight the accomplishments, contributions, and resilience of these indviduals.

Together, we’re building a brighter future, one story at a time.

An Advocate for Change

Caitlin Banner, a passionate advocate for social justice, credits our program’s scholarship with empowering her to pursue a career in law. Raised in a Chicago, Caitlin witnessed firsthand the injustices faced by vulnerable populations and was determined to effect positive change. With the financial support provided by the program, Caitlin attended law school, specializing in human rights law.

Throughout her academic journey, Caitlin actively engaged with our leadership development initiatives, participating in workshops and seminars that deepened her understanding of the issues. Today, Caitlin works as a human rights lawyer, fighting tirelessly for the rights of marginalized communities. Her groundbreaking cases have set legal precedents and sparked important conversations about equity and justice. Caitlin’s story exemplifies the profound impact of our these programs can have in empowering changemakers to create a better world.

Networks that Make A Difference

David, a gifted student from the Midwest, faced significant financial barriers to accessing higher education. However, the Legacy Scholars Program’s scholarship provided him with the opportunity to pursue his dreams of becoming a software engineer.

As a scholarship recipient, David also participated in our leadership development initiatives, where he enhanced his interpersonal skills and gained valuable insights into the tech industry. Through internships and networking events facilitated by our program, David built a strong network and gave back to his community through technology literacy events and advocating for more equitable access to technology across all communities., David is making it impact in his profession in Northern California where he works while also volunteering his time in the community advocating for better access Two technologies and technology education.