Creating a Lasting Legacy

Chances are you received support or a scholarship to attend Phillips or elsewhere. By creating a named endowed scholarship fund, you are paying it forward for a student who hopes to earn their degree from a college or university very similar to Phillips U.

An endowed scholarship provides permanent support for PU Legacy Scholars every year. For those wanting to honor a loved one, family, friends, faculty or staff, establishing an endowed scholarship is an ideal way to do so.

An endowed scholarship invests the original charitable gift with the rest of the Legacy Foundation’s endowment and then utilizes a set portion to pay for support scholarships. This is designed to preserve the endowment’s value over time and maximize the impact of the original gift. A donor can establish an endowed scholarship with a $200,000 minimum gift.

To learn more or begin establishing an endowed scholarship, contact staff at

Endowed Scholarships

Becky and Richard Books Scholarship

“An excellent college education is the greatest gift we can give future generations…”

The Dorothy and Sheldon Elliott Endowed Scholarship

“Our family has always had a high regard for the benefits of a quality education.”

The Gentle Family Endowed Scholarship

“Creating ongoing support for future generations while continuing the mission of Phillips University”

The Barry K. Robinson Scholarship

“Honoring a lifetime of service and leadership”

The Varsity Scholarship

“Varsity was a large part of our lives while at Phillips and beyond.”