College/University: University of Lynchburg
Hometown: Madison Heights, Virginia
Michaela White 4th Year Scholar

Michaela, an undergraduate junior at the University of Lynchburg, is studying English and History with a minor in Creative Writing. Originally from Madison Heights, Virginia, she graduated from Amherst County High School and the Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology. Michaela serves as a Residential Assistant and an assistant in the Sydnor Performance Hall. She holds leadership positions as Vice President of Lynchburg’s Sigma Tau Delta chapter and Historian for Phi Alpha Theta. Additionally, she is a member of the Westover Honors Society and dedicates her volunteer efforts to addressing the food desert in Lynchburg through gardening collaborations with the Honors Society. Passionate about humanities, Michaela aims to become a published author and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Archival Science after completing her bachelor’s degree.

Volunteer Leadership Project: Lynchburg Project to Aid Community Access to Fresh Food