Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities

Access to a college education at institutions much like Phillips University is more critical now than ever, yet more difficult today to achieve than any other time in recent history.
Scholarships can help get students to campus and keep them there while the leadership and service learning in the Legacy Scholars program helps create a transformative experience.

“ The leadership skills that I have developed through the Legacy Scholars program have set me up to succeed whether it’s about being a leader on the football team or leading my classmates in learning.”

Austin, 4th Year Scholar

Breaking Down the College Access Barrier

Only 62% of college students nationally who start a degree or certificate program finish their program within six years. Cost is reported as the #1 barrier.

Scholarships Make the Difference

Scholarships make a difference: in 2023, scholarships and grants were used nationally by 76% of families and covered 29% of costs.

Leadership & Service Builds Futures

2/3 of students involved nationally in service learning programs like the Volunteer Leadership Project reported that it improved their leadership & communication skills, as well as their interpersonal relationships.

Where Your Gifts Make an Impact!

Your gifts make a life-changing impact across the life and work of the Legacy Foundation transforming the lives of students, campuses and communities.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Providing critically-needed scholarships of up to $9000 annually that make a college education not just possible, but powerful.

Leadership Programs

Creating transformative leadership development opportunities through the Annual Leadership Conference, the Volunteer Leadership Projects and other resources.

Graduate Scholarships

Offering annual, renewable support up to $4500 annually to students preparing for lives of transformative ministry and service.

Alumni Programs

Providing opportunities through events and resources for university and program alumni to connect to one another.

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Together we can
build the future

Whether you choose to support scholarships for undergraduate students, champion scholarships for students pursuing graduate work, strengthen leadership development endeavors, or assist with alumni programs, your gift will make a profound difference. Come explore ways to make an impact.

The 1907 Society

When you include PU Legacy Foundation in your estate plan, your generosity provides future students with the opportunity to reach that college degree, gain leadership skills and build lifelong connections – all of which will impact them for years to come.

Endowed Scholarships

Would you like to establish a legacy or honor someone who made an impact in your life? When you create a endowed scholarship, you give the gift of education and provide critical support for students.

Honor and Memorials

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More Ways to Give

There are diverse ways to support the work of leadership, scholarship & service. As a a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your tax-deductible gift is transformative, whether it’s a cash contribution, real estate gift, life insurance, stocks, bonds, or other securities.

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We are honored to carry on the PU story and legacy by impacting students, campuses & communities for over 20 years. Together, we will continue to charge forward and make a difference for generations to come.

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Donor Stories

“We support the Legacy Foundation because we believe students should have the opportunity to attend the college of their choice and receive a liberal arts education. We both attended small church-supported liberal arts schools and experienced the value they have to offer.”

Susan and Ken G. PU Alumna Class of '77

“Without The Legacy Foundation, my dream of going to Lynchburg College wouldn’t have been possible. I want to give back to the organization that made my dream a reality”

Matthew G.

“The Legacy Foundtion makes it a little easier to go to college, and provides educational opportunities to future and current leaders…deploying leaders who change the world.”

Charlette G. PU Alumna

“I support the Legacy Foundation because Disciples-related colleges and universities much like PU provide not only an invaluable education and preparation to change the world but offer important places of community and civic discourse.”

Angela K.
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Thank you for

your Support

Your gift truly makes a difference in our efforts to provide life-changing education and transformative leadership opportunities that impact both students and their communities

With friends like you by our side, we can honor the very best of the past and create future stories and new legacies for years to come.