are excited to announce that you did it!
Dear Donors,
Remember when your mother asked you the question...
"What have you done!!!?"
I want to answer this question for you in the spirit of your generosity as a donor to Phillips University Legacy Foundation.
    helped raise $60,000 in scholarship funds.
    made it possible for 12 Legacy Scholars to reduce their amount of crippling college debt.
    made it possible for 12 Legacy Scholars to receive training to become strong, Christian leaders.
    made it possible for 12 Legacy Scholars to develop their hearts for servant leadership.
    made a gift that will perpetuate the legacy of Phillips University.
So, what have you done? You have made a difference.
This time your mom would be proud!
Thank you for your gifts. We cannot continue to help our Legacy Scholars without your support.
Nancy Nicholson Phillips '71
Phillips University Legacy Foundation
Chair, Board of Directors