Special Named Scholarships are awarded in honor or in memory of individuals or groups of people who have given, and in some cases continue to give, their time and financial resources to the mission of Phillips University Legacy Foundation. These outstanding alumni and friends of PULF help ensure that the legacy of Phillips University lives on through the Legacy Scholars program. This year's Honorary Scholarship awardees are:

Becky and Richard Books Scholarship
Avery Bennett is a Sophomore, Peace Studies major from Chapman University in Orange, CA.

Barry Robinson Scholarship
Stephanie Caress is a Senior, Music/Strategic and Corporate Communications major also from Chapman University in Orange, CA.

Don and Barbara Angle Scholarship
Madeline Clark is a Junior, Biochemistry major from Drury University in Springfield MO. 

Madeline is the daughter of Barry Clark,'75; and Jean Ann "Dee Dee" Underwood Clark, '77. Her Phillips University family tree also includes her grandfather, the late James Underwood, '52; grandmother, the late Theresa Mosher Clark, '50; uncle, John Underwood, '92; maternal aunts, Mary Beth Underwood Murray, '62-'64; Susan Underwood Kirtley, '64-'66; and the late Nancy Underwood Chapman, '66-'68; maternal cousin-in-law, Ed Crum, '94; and maternal cousin, Jennifer Chapman Crum, '94.

Phillips University Heritage Scholar Scholarship
Jack Englèn is a Senior, International Political Studies major at Drury University in Springfield, MO. 

This scholarship is awarded to a Scholar who has a relative who attended Phillips University. Jack is the son of Nikolaus Englèn and Vicki Bradley Englèn, '81.

Gene Challenner Scholarship
Brady Heinsoo is a Senior, Music Technology major from Northwest Christian University in Eugene, OR.

Connie Speer Cravens Scholarship
Anna Steenson is a Junior, Music and Digital Media major from Drake University in Des Moines, IA.