The Sixth Annual Christmas in July Campaign

Growing to New Heights: July 15th- July 26th, 2024

Transform Lives with Your Gift: Support the Phillips University Legacy Scholars!

Every summer, the alumni and friends of Phillips University come together for 12 days during the Christmas in July campaign to celebrate the powerful impact a Philips University education had on them and make a difference in the lives of students today!

Each day a different Phillips University community is celebrated along with a current PU Legacy Scholar. There’s a spirit of friendly competition throughout the campaign as our PU clubs and communities strive not only to make a difference in the lives of students but to compete with one another to see who will raise the most funds!

Your Donation Matters!

This year, thanks to a generous 1.5x matching gift every dollar you contribute to the Sixth Annual Christmas in July multiples in impact. For each dollar you donate, an additional $1.50 will be contributed, more than doubling the power of your support!

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to receive the full 1.5 match, totaling $125,000, impacting the work of leadership, scholarship, legacy, and service. Your donation, regardless of the amount, can be the catalyst for a student’s success.

Developing Leaders Who Will Transform the World

As part of our mission to honor the legacy of Phillips University by developing leaders who transform the world, the Legacy Scholars Program provides renewable scholarships up to $9,500 annually, making higher education accessible, affordable and transformative.

Beyond scholarships, we empower students with leadership development and community-building opportunities that matter. PU Legacy Scholar programs equip students with critical skills and experiences needed to thrive on campuses, in their communities, and in their professions.

Programs like the Annual Leadership Conference & the Volunteer Leadership Projects connect students not only to valuable leadership lessons and experiences, but also to each other and to mentors as students come together from schools across the country much like Phillips University.

The Ripple Effect of Your Gift

Supporting the PU Legacy Scholars program impacts families, communities, and future generations. Your contribution ensures that students can achieve their dreams. Remember, every dollar you donate is matched by $1.50, significantly amplifying your generosity.

Examples of how your gift can make a difference:

$100 becomes $250 – Covering essential textbooks and supplies.

$500 becomes $1,250 – Providing resources for leadership conferences.

$1,000 becomes $2,500 – Contributing towards a semester’s tuition.

$5,000 becomes $12,500 – Transforming a student’s life with multiple years of support.

How to Participate

Click the button below to make a secure online gift and spread the word among your fellow classmates and PU community. When donating, share which PU group or community you identify with most, or honor a favorite professor or friend who changed your life.

Keeping with the spirit of friendly competition, check out the regular updates here on this page that will be shared throughout the two weeks!

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Your support empowers the next generation of leaders. Let’s continue changing lives, one student at a time! Thank you for being part of this transformative journey!

(Also, if you did not receive the Annual Campaign Letter in the mail featured below, it means we don’t have your updated address. Click here to update your information!)