Dear Friend,

You are Cordially Invited to the First Annual

Stay-At-Home Leadership Development Conference

November 8-11, 2018

By participating in the 2018 Leadership Conference Fundraising Campaign, you will receive the opportunity to LIVE STREAM the 2018 Legacy Scholars Leadership Development Conference on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and watch it in the comfort of your home!

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If You Give…

Your Generosity Will…



If You Give…

Your Generosity Will…



Sponsor the Whole Thing!




Underwrite cost of 1 Legacy Scholar’s lodging, food and activities



Underwrite all costs for our amazing Leadership Development Trainer




Provide Beanies for all eight 1st Year Scholars (yes, they learn to button!)



Underwrite cost of 10 Scholars lodging, food and activities




Underwrite cost of 4 High Ropes Challenge Courses



Underwrite cost of 5 Legacy Scholars lodging, food and activities




Provide Beanies for four 1st Year Scholars



Fly 2 Legacy Scholars to the OKC Airport




Provide Karate Boards for all the Scholars for Personal Challenge



Drive Bus from Texas Christian University  to Falls Creek in Davis, OK




Gift Troy Stende’s Book to five Scholars- College Success Secrets: They Don’t Teach You This in the Classroom



Shuttle Scholars from Oklahoma City Airport to Falls Creek




Provide Snacks for Scholars (College Students Get Hungry!)



Fly 1 Legacy Scholar to the OKC Airport




Fund 5 Yoga Mats (you’ll see why!)


Or Donate Any Amount You Choose!

Finally, this is your chance to see the Legacy Scholars first-hand, witness the amazing Leadership Development Training that you provide, learn about their volunteer service projects as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Please join us on November 8-11, 2018 for any or all of our live-streamed events.  A schedule will be sent to all Stay-At-Home Leadership Development Conference donors as well as live-streaming instructions.  We are excited to share the 2018 Phillips University Legacy Scholars Leadership Conference with YOU !

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