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Will be held November 6-9, 2014 at Falls Creek Conference Center

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Here are the August 2014 Trivia Q&A


November 06, 2014 at Falls Creek Conference Center


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Phillips University Board of Trustees

Mr. Barry K. Robinson

Mr. Barry K. Robinson  ('63)

– Chairman

Rev. Don H. Alexander

Rev. Don H. Alexander  ()

– Trustee

Mr. William B. Briggs

Mr. William B. Briggs  ('44, '77 Hon. D. Sci.)

– Trustee

Mr. Gene Challenner

Mr. Gene Challenner  ('55)

– Secretary

Mrs. Kirby Hughes Gould

Mrs. Kirby Hughes Gould  ('83)

– Trustee

Dr. James E. Strain

Dr. James E. Strain   ('45)

– Trustee

Mr. Leon Whitney

Mr. Leon Whitney  ('60)

– Trustee