1. Phillips University was affiliated with which Protestant denomination that began on the American frontier in 1801? 

Answer: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


2.  Phillips University Legacy Foundation hosted an alumni event in the Denver area on Saturday, September 7.  Where was the event held?

Answer: Arvada, CO


3. Approximately, how many Phillips University alumni live in the greater Denver area? 

Answer: 400


4. This Phillips University Alumnus shared his musical talents at the Denver PU Alumni event and even wrote a song specifically about his memories at Phillips.  

Answer: Rod Phillips (Class of '71)


5. Each year the Legacy Foundation hosts a leadership conference for the Legacy Scholars and Phillips University Alumni who would like to attend and meet the scholars.  This year the Leadership Conference will be held in which city?  

Answer: Flint, TX

And the Winners are...

Macy Grimsley, 2016-2017 Legacy Scholar, and Chris Shorow, father of Legacy Scholars, Paxton and William Shorow.  

A special prize is on the way!

Thanks to everyone that participated.

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