July 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. During what school year did Phillips field both intercollegiate basketball & baseball teams for the first time? ... read more

June 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. These two professors came up with the idea for the summer science camp. ... read more

May 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. Which decade had the most undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded? ... read more

April 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. In the 1940s a new seal or symbol for Phillips University was designed. What was the motto inscribed on the new seal? ... read more

March 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. On September 13, 1921, this club was organized to support Haymaker Athletics. They performed at every intercollegiate sports event at... read more

2020-2021 Seminary Scholarship Program Application Available

Phillips University, Inc. (PU) is pleased to offer a merit based Seminary scholarship program for full-time, first year seminarians who are... read more

January 2020 Trivia Contest Answers

1. Phillips University's First Fifty Years was a three part book series. Which Dean of the College of the Bible was the lead author of... read more

2020-2021 Undergraduate Program Application Available

Phillips University Legacy Foundation is pleased to announce it is accepting new applications for its Undergraduate Scholarship and... read more

December 2019 Trivia Contest Answers

1. Who lost $8,000 in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life"? ... read more
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