1. This club started in 1921.  It was a club for wives of students enrolled in the College of the Bible. It was established by Marietta Tandy McCash, the wife of President Isaac Newton McCash.

Answer: Zelotai Club

2.  This dramatic society formed in 1919.  Its members came from the School of Expression and Dramatic Art who presented dramatic recitals and novelty programs both on campus and in Enid.

Answer: The Masquers

3. This long time social/service club was organized by by Stephen J. England, Emory Cameron, and Jones Graves.  Members were primarily from the college of the Bible and the organization was referred to as the "preachers club."

Answer: Gridiron Club

4. In the 1920s how much did Phillips University spend per student for administration, operation and maintenance of the physical plant, and instruction?

Answer: $173

5. On September 24-25, 2021, the Legacy Foundation hosted a virtual Leadership Development Conference for the Phillips University Legacy Scholars and interested PU Alumni.  How many years has the Leadership Development Conference been taking place?

Answer: 20 years

All of the these answers can be found in the book In Reverence We Stand - Memories of Phillips University.

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Rev. Dr. Les Brown, 1965 Phillips University Alumnus of Norman, OK.

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