1. On October 9, 1906, articles of incorporation were prepared in Oklahoma City for the school.  What ws the original name of the school? 

Answer: Oklahoma Christian University (OCU) 

2.  Which Phillips University president was inaugurated on October 12, 1939? 

Answer: Dr. Eugene Stephen Briggs 

3. The cornerstone for Clay Hall was laid on October 9, 1941.  Mrs. Clay donated $25,000 toward the construction cost of the building.  What was her first name?  

Answer: Sadie

4. This Phillips University building had both her cornerstone laid and her dedication in the month of October.  (October 11, 1948 for the cornerstone and October 9, 1949 for the dedication.)  

Answer: New Science Building 

5. The Earl Butts Dormitory for men was made possible by a gift of $100,000 by Mrs. Earl Butts whose husband had served as United States Secretary of Agriculture.  In October of what year did construction begin on the dormitory? 

Answer: 1954

And the Winners are...

Lauri Penry Desport and Thomas "Tom" Ballard '61.  

A special prize is on the way!

Thanks to everyone that participated.

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