1. To celebrate the expansion of its Herald Square superstore, Macy’s announced its very first “Big Christmas Parade” two weeks before Thanksgiving in this year, promising “magnificent floats,” bands and an “animal circus.”

Answer: 1924

2.  Starting in the 1940s, farmers would gift the president with some plump birds for roast turkey over the holidays, which the first family would invariably eat.  The annual White House tradition of “pardoning” a turkey officially started with this president.

Answer: George H. W. Bush

3. The Thanksgiving meal in Plymouth probably had little in common with today’s traditional holiday spread. Although turkeys were indigenous, there’s no record of a big, roasted bird at the feast.  What animal do historians believe was actually eaten at the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Deer

4. The first official proclamation of a national Thanksgiving holiday didn’t come until 1863, when this president called for an annual Thanksgiving celebration on the final Thursday in November.

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

5. The first Thanksgiving football game was a college match between these two schools in 1876.

Answer: Yale and Princeton

All of the these answers can be found in the book In Reverence We Stand - Memories of Phillips University.

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