1. Who is the current Phillips Unversity Legacy Foundation Board Chair?  

Answer: Ryan DeArman 

2.  Who is pictured showing off his snazzy, comfortable Phillips University socks at General Assembly?  

Answer: Steve Bridwell  

3. Two PULF board members are profiled in the newsletter.  Who are they?   

Answer: David Gray and Kirby Hughes Gould 

4. Because of your generosity, the "Christmas in July" Giving Campaign raised how much money for scholarships?    

Answer: $27,843  

5. How many congregations recently entrusted PULF with scholarship funds?   

Answer: 2

And the Winners are...

Debbie Skelly, 1980 Phillips University Alumna of Lewisville, TX, 


Irelynn Holst,  1st Year Phillips University Legacy Scholar (Drury University - 2023) of Stafford, MO.   

A special prize is on the way!

Thanks to everyone that participated.

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