1. How many undergraduate Legacy Scholars completed their degrees this year?

Answer: 5

2.  One seminary scholarship recipient graduated this year.  What Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) seminary did she attend?

Answer: Brite Divinity School

3. This Legacy Scholar was ranked #1 in her graduating class while compete her undergraduate degree in three years.

Answer: Samantha May Mueller

4. This scholar will be pursuing a Masters in Public Administration after graduating from the University of Lynchburg.

Answer: Matthew Gillett

5. These two graduating scholars already have jobs.

Answer: Purity Maina and Carter Knake

And the Winners are...

Aanika Gillett, PULF Seminary Scholar, of Oklahoma City, OK,


Emily Sewell, '80 alumna of Oklahoma City, OK.

A special prize is on the way!  



Thanks to everyone that participated.

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