1. What campus tradition was a time when the entire campus came together to celebrate the start of a new school year? Each year, students threw in items symbolizing the past and future intentions.

Answer: The Friendship Fire


2. What was the name of the World War II Victory ship that was named in honor of Phillips University?

Answer: SS Phillips Victory


3. In the fall of 1980, a group of Phillips students formed what group whose members spent many hours relating Bible stories, parables, theological ideas and faith messages to youth? The idea came from Bette Jayne Parrish. Ralph Glenn was the faculty sponsor for the project which was a part of the ministry to churches' youth?

Answer: P.D. Clown Alley


4. What was the name of the official student weekly newspaper?

Answer: The Haymaker

And the Winner Is...

Randy Beeman, 1986 Phillips University Alumnus of Elk City, KS and Amy Prochaska Hilligoss, 1996 Phillips University Alumna.

Flora has two new homes. Thanks to everyone that participated.

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