1. Approximately how many Legacy Scholars, PU alumni, and PULF staff members registered to attend the 19th Annual Leadership Conference held February 26-28, 2021?

Answer: 50

2.  What was the theme/title of the 19th Annual Leadership Conference?

Answer: Peace, Prosperity, & Possibility

3. During the conference, Legacy Scholars and PU alumni were asked to think about this question.  This question also happens to be the title of the book written by our Leadership Development Training Facilitator, Mendhi Audlin.

Answer: What if it all goes right?

4. The Phillips University Legacy Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Name the PULF Scholarship Administrator.

Answer: Tamela Harsha

5. This person said, "Be the peace you wish to see in the world."  It is the quote used in the logo for the 19th Annual Leadership Conference.

Answer: Martin Luther King. Jr.

And the Winners are...

Irelynn Holst, 2nd Year PULF Scholar at Drury University, 


Charlette Gallagher-Allred of Dublin, OH.

A special prize is on the way!  



Thanks to everyone that participated.

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