1. On September 13, 1921, this club was organized to support Haymaker Athletics.  They performed at every intercollegiate sports event at Phillips.    

Answer: Phillibooster Club 

2.  This PU men's basketball player scored more than 2,000 points from 1967-1971.  His number 43 was retired.  

Answer: Richard "Dickie" Hood  

3. He led the Phillips baseball team to a victory in regional competition, heading to the NAIA national competition for the first time in 1975.  He was NAIA baseball coach of the year in 1973 and was inducted into the NAIA Baseball Hall of Fame in 1975.  He also coached the U.S. baseball team in the World Games in Taiwan in 1976.  

Answer: Dr. Joe Record

4. The Phillips women's basketball team were named the . . . 

Answer: Fillies

5. This PU women's basketball player was the highest scoring women's basketball player in school history.  She was the Most Valuable Player of the 1977 national tournament.  Her number, 30, was retired in 1978.     

Answer: Karen Cannon

And the Winners are...

Amy (Case) Madison, 1977 Phillips University Alumna of Cibolo, TX, 


Brent Fullington, 1980 Phillips University Alumnus of Springfield, MO.

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