1. Who is the author of Lil Hay?

Answer: JoAnn Phillips

2.  Where is this year’s Leadership Conference being held?

Answer:  Falls Creek Retreat Center

3. Who will be our leadership facilitator at this year’s conference?

Answer: Troy Stende

4. The Alma Mater was created in which year?

Answer: 1934

5. Under rules adopted by the Student Council, which had been organized in 1914, freshmen at Phillips wore this in green until after the Thanksgiving football game each year.  Later, the color of it changed.  In the 1950s, they were maroon and white.  What was the adornment?  To continue this tradition, the 1st Year Legacy Scholars receive them at each annual leadership development conference.

Answer: Beanie

And the Winners are...

Trystan Deck, Legacy Scholar Alumna, 


Debbie Hughes '76 alumna of Tulsa, OK. 



A special prize is on the way!  



Thanks to everyone that participated.

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