1. During what school year did Phillips field both intercollegiate basketball & baseball teams for the first time?

Answer: 1914-15

2.  The University's football team & other athletic teams went by this name until 1915. 

Answer: The Lions

3. The name 'Haymakers' took hold with the football team in 1915 because . . .

Answer: the football field was used as a hay meadow in the off season.

4. In 1916, the Haymakers hosted which major league baseball team, losing 8-4? 

Answer: Chicago White Sox

5. This 1919 PU football standout went on to become President of the United States Olympic Committee and a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Answer: Doug Roby

All of the these answers can be found in the book In Reverence We Stand - Memories of Phillips University.

And the Winners are...

Lois Moore Wimpey, 1963 Phillips University Alumna of Shawnee Mission, KS,


Rick Schriever, 1978 Phillips University Alumnus of Liberty Hill, TX.

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Thanks to everyone that participated.

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