1. Having a skunk as a mascot was not always well received by the PU administration and faculty.  University officials adopted what symbol in an effort to replace Little Hay?

Answer: Apple

2.  Dr. Joe Jones, PU President from 1979-1988, received his Ph.D. from which Ivy League school?

Answer: Yale

3. In the early 80s the Science Building was refurbished and renamed.  What was the new name?

Answer: Harmon Hall

4. In 1983, Phillips began a close association with this two-year college.  Under this joint program, credits earned at this college would be accepted toward a baccalaureate degree at Phillips.

Answer: Northern Oklahoma College (NOC)

5. Phillips University Legacy Foundation is currently accepting scholarship applications for the 2022-23 academic year.  What types of scholarships are available?

Answer: Both Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

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Jeremy Skaggs ’95 of Mansfield, TX,


Michael Weeks, '85 of Mechanicsville, VA.

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