1. Which month is designated "National Scholarship Month?"

Answer: November

2.  This couple left an estate gift to Phillips University Legacy Foundation that will support future generations of Legacy Scholars?

Answer: John '46 and Herwanna '48 Sayre

3. Two PULF board members are profiled in the newsletter.  Who are they?

Answer: Kathy Coggins '93 and Mark Pumphrey '71

4. Because of your generosity, the "12 Days of Giving" Matching Campaign raised how much money including the matching gift?

Answer: $104,080

5. You are invited to the 19th Annual Phillips University Legacy Foundation Leadership Development Conference being held February 26-28.  Due to Covid-19, this year the conference is virtual which means you can attend from the comfort of your own home.  No travel required.  What a great way to meet the scholars!  Who is our facilitator this year?

Answer: Mendhi Audlin

And the Winner is...

Sherri Allen Davis Whitehead ’85 of Lamont, OK.

A special prize is on the way!  



Thanks to everyone that participated.

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