1. Phillips University's First Fifty Years was a three part book series.  Which Dean of the College of the Bible was the lead author of this series?  

Answer: Frank Marshall 

2.  Which male social service club is the oldest, founded in 1922? 

Answer: Gridiron (In Reverence We Stand:  Memories of Phillips University - pg. 135)  

3. Which female social club was the last to be founded in 1940?   

Answer: Comets  (In Reverence We Stand:  Memories of Phillips University - pg. 134)

4. Who was the first trustee to be elected emeritus by the Board of Trustees on October 11, 1946? 

Answer: A.H. Foulks (Phillips University's First Fifty Years:  The Period of Greatest Advance Vol. 3 by Frank H. Marshall and Robert G. Martin pg. 84)  

5. Phillips' Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 75 years of excellence, was in which year?  

Answer: 1982

And the Winner is...

Julia Doverspike, 1978 Phillips University Alumna of Bella Vista, AR, was the only person to correctly answer 4 of the 5 questions.

A special prize is on the way!

Thanks to everyone that participated.

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