1. What is the current name of the Enid local newspaper?

Answer: Enid News & Eagle

2.  Dr. Briggs was elected president of this international organization that had a local chapter in Enid. For his inauguration the PU Band made the trip to New York City for the event.

Answer: Enid Lions Club

3. In 1938, this Enid oil company presented the Harvesters men's club with four Corinthian columns from the Enid Bank and Trust building to represent the four facets of education - physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual.

Answer: Champlin

4. In 1972, a scholarship fund in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was established with the help of Captain James Dixon, a flight instructor at nearby Vance Air Force Base, and Dorothy Jones, a prominent Enid citizen.  The King scholarship was funded by contributions from Vance airmen and what local Enid club.

Answer: Enid Inter-Racial Club

5. This organization was told, "Promise anything, get the school!"  Enid won as the location for the school with a bid of $80,000 and agreed to provide a $3,500 home for the school's president.

Answer: Enid Chamber of Commerce

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