1. This building contained the university offices and a boardroom for the board of  trustees.  It opened in December 1963.

Answer: Everest Administraton Building (Named for trustee chair, Harvey P. Everest)

2.  This was the name given to the human conveyor belt that moved 60,000 books and other documents from the old library to the new Zollars Library.

Answer: Operation Book Lift

3. She was the first lady of Earl Butts Dormitory.  The yearbook said she handled her responsibilities of running the men's dorm "with a graciousness that makes all her men proud of her."

Answer: Edith "Mom" Mayberry

4. The Phillips University Legacy Foundation office is located in a building named after this well known speech and hearing therapy professor.

Answer: Dr. Thayne Hedges

5. This was the name of the international professional music sorority.

Answer: Mu Phi Epsilon

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