1. Which was NOT a club at Phillips?

Answer: Lampoon Club

2.  Who was responsible for forming the Cosmopolitan Club?

Answer: Mary Gentry Briggs

3. The Cosmopolitan Club was meant to aid . . .

Answer: foreign students in making the adjustment from their homeland to Oklahoma.

4. This all-girls club was distinguished by their Kelly green jackets.  The purpose of the club was to promote loyalty to the university, the nation, and its members.

Answer: Mavon Club

5. This club was chartered in 1946.  In 1957, members of this club began assisting the Enid City Library to promote closer relations between the city of Enid and Phillips University.

Answer: Libra Club

All of the these answers can be found in the book In Reverence We Stand - Memories of Phillips University.

And the Winners are...

Mike Grouse, 1985 Phillips University Alumnus of Lubbock, TX,


Thomas (T-Bone) Smith, 1959 Phillips University Alumnus of Windsor, CO.

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Thanks to everyone that participated.

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