1. When Little Hay was accepted as the official mascot, two tame skunks were acquired from a breeding farm in Iowa. They were kept in the garage of the president's home and were escorted to all university athletic events. What were the names of the two skunks?

Answer: Lil' Phill and Lil' Hay


2. The group worked hard to bring the best movies and the top entertainment to the students. Some of the movies shown in '88 and '89 included Wall Street, Broadcast News, and Moonstruck. Name this group.

Answer: Phillips Activities Council


3. What was the name of the 1919 football team which was considered by many experts to be the finest football squad in the southwest that season?

Answer: Mauley's Iron Men


4. This event was established to give students a look at the various clubs and campus while providing an opportunity for clubs to compete in a series of games. Name this event.

Answer: Club Week

And the Winner Is...

Kay Elliott, 1979 Phillips University Alumna of Aurora, CO and Paul Hoyt, 1973 Phillips University Alumnus of Santa Clara, CA. A special prize is on the way!

Thanks to everyone that participated.

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