1. Presidents of universities typically carry two ensigns of authority to official functions.  What are they?

Answer: The seal of the university and a mace

2.  In the context of university life, what is a mace?

Answer: An ornamental staff borne as a symbol of authority

3. What were the three symbols on the Phillips University mace?

Answer: The cross, the world, and a flame

4. The inscription around head of the mace is the motto, "Vincit Omnia Veritas."  What does it mean?

Answer: Truth Prevails Over All Things

5. President Robert Peck who designed the mace carved the flame out of what material?

Answer: Soapstone

And the Winners are...

Susan Payne, '84 of Tulsa, OK,


Dwight Davis, '73 of Enid, OK.

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Thanks to everyone that participated.

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