1. This church right across the street from the Phillips campus served the spiritual needs of many Phillips students.

Answer: University Place Christian Church

2.  This club formed in 1947 participated in annual jousts that were held on a pole spanning the creek between Clay Hall and the golf course.

Answer: Camelot Club

3. This professor of botany and bacteriology and later dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was named the Tenth Muse Club Sweetheart in the mid-1960s.

Answer: Dr. James Clifford Shirley

4. This well liked Professor of Art taught at Phillips for 28 years.  He cultivated the idea for a spring art sale which was designed for students to display and sell works created during the school year.

Answer: James "Jim" Bray

5. April 22 is Earth Day.  This Phillips U. group helped keep the campus clean while raising awareness of sustainability.

Answer: Environmental Science Club

And the Winners are...

Deba Brant, 1980 Alumna of Topeka, KS, 


Kristey Critser-Dodge of Haysville, KS.

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