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June 2014 Phillips University Trivia Contest Q&A

July 09, 2014

The source for the following questions and answers: The 1964-1965 Phillips University Student Handbook

1. What was the name of the official student weekly newspaper?
The Haymaker

2. Under The University Hospitalization Plan, how much did it cost for a room per day?

3. This was one of the traditional events where each student wore a name tag during this week and everyone tried to learn as many names as possible. What was the name of this event?
CUBOFN Week ("Call Us By Our First Name" Week)

4. This traditional event brought thousands of high school students from fifteen states to participate in this great band festival. What is the name of this event that continues in Enid annually?

Tri-State Music Festival

5. What year was Enid, OK founded?

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