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Phillips University Legacy Scholar Program - Scholar Spotlight

Ms. Kaitlyn M. Hellner-Burris

Hiram College


Veterinarian, Grove City, PA


For me, the PULF Scholarship was much more than a financial gift. It was a gift of family and friends. While I am certainly grateful for the financial aspect of the scholarship, which assisted me in studying abroad in the Galapagos Islands one year, it is the relationships I made through Phillips that will last beyond my undergraduate years at Hiram College. The experience of the scholarship is fantastic, as PULF makes sure you stay involved in your community through the annual volunteer service project and really works to bring out the leadership potential in each scholar through the annual scholar conference. I loved my time at Phillips and I will miss the conferences and service projects, but not the community, as I know Iím still a part of it!



Shannon N. Chambers
Upward Bound coordinator puts Phillips lessons to work…

Emma K. Haymaker-Ivy
Program offers awesome people who really care about students…

Langdon Ryan Worley
Scholars program provided a strong support system and unforgettable experience…

Amanda R. Hall
I was motivated to be a better person, to find out who I was…

Lauren E. Love
This scholarship shaped me into a globally aware young woman…

Andrea K. Vasilo
Because my Dad is a PU alumni my present was uniquely influenced by my past…

William Trey D. Flowers, III
A remarkable opportunity. A new family for a lifetime…

Erick E. Reisinger
The scholarship was very important in shaping who I am as a person today.…

Jonathan B. Hall
This community recognized my God-given gifts…

Bethany Loader Baker
As one of the very first scholars I quickly realized how special this program was…

Beau T. Underwood
The church was making an investment in me as a leader…

Cara Haymaker
I had always planned to attend Phillips like my mother. This was the next best thing…