Anna Steenson

Drake University, Junior

Music and Digital Media Production

2017 Volunteer Leadership Project
Dyslexia, Unlocking Vibrant Diversity


Anna's goal of her 2017 Legacy Scholar Volunteer Leadership Project was to spread dyslexia awareness within her community.  She wanted to use the gifts that dyslexia has given her in order to help facilitate a better understanding of what dyslexia is and show the community how they can help, accept and celebrate people who are different.

For her project, Anna needed skills of interviewing, conducting research, conducting meetings, as well as long-term planning.  She had to use problem solving for the entirety of the project.  But what turned out to be very important was the skill of distilling complex information into a conversational script that is scientifically correct, but also easy to understand.

This project is ongoing.  In February, Anna will be presenting the animation, along with a presentation, at the TEDxDrakeU speaker series as a selected speaker, and she will be launching the video on social media platforms in January 2018.  She is also seeking out additional presentation places through community groups and churches.  Anna looks forward to where this project takes her next!


To see more of Anna's work, feel free to view her portfolio.